Hey, My name is Mohamed Admane

I'm a Software Developer with +5 years of experience, focused on the Backend. I automate, I make APIs, websites and bots. I'm a freelancer and a student in computer science. My passion is helping people make their life easier.

Think I could help with some project you are working on? Contact me, it would be a pleasure.

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I am very happy that Mohamed took the job he is super friendly, answered very fast, deliverd the project even before the deadline, has a excellent communication and understood me just perfectly. gave me all the instructions i needed thank you so much, i am looking forward to work with you again


By David M on

Excellent work! Highly recommend.


By John .S on

Mohamed solved my two feature requests brilliantly. He has the right skills in Python and great understanding. Also he did a great job at explaining me how to install and run. I would definitely work with him again.


By Martin .G on

Mohamed is the guy. You tell him what you need he gets it done and fast.


By Mcbreezy066 on

About me {
"General information":"I'm from Algeria, living currently in Algiers. I was born in 2002.",
"Education":"I'm currently a student in computer science in university.",
"Skills":["Python", "Backend", "REST APIs", "Git", "Docker", "AWS", "Redis", "PHP", "SQL", "QA", "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS"],
"I can do":["Bots", "Websites", "Automation", "APIs", "Desktop applications", "Web scrapping", "Browser extensions"],
"A little experience":["Game dev", "Android dev", "Node.js", "Java", "Rust", "C/C++", "2D animation", "Pixel art", "3D modelling/animation"],
"interests":["Learning", "Reading", "Adventure", "Traveling", "History", "Inventions", "Investing"],
"Languages":["English", "Arabic", "French", "Tamazight", "Learning more"],

Contact me! || Github || LinkedIn || UpWork || Discord: smile_right_now#1902